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Traylor Chiropractic Clinics


“Very positive and pleasant; at first I was skeptical of coming because I have never experienced any chiropractic care. Since my initial visit it has been a positive and highly recommended pain eliminating journey. My only regret is that it has taken me so long to realize what I have been missing.”

— Dennis P.

“I am very pleased with Dr. Traylor and his staff. I highly recommend them. They are experienced and courteous. Life is much better without pain.”

— Sandy L.

“The staff was really friendly and professional. I felt very comfortable and they treated me as if I was family, making me feel like I was at home.”

— Benita F.

“The treatment here has helped me in more ways than one. I came for one problem, lower back pain, but inadvertently other problems have been improved. When I started treatment I had severe diarrhea, I suffer from a condition that causes pressure in my head which makes me have severe headaches 3–5 times a week, I could barely walk on the treadmill. And I have kidney disease. But since my treatments for my back, my diarrhea ceased, and I am on my treadmill 3–4 times a week working with weights and increasing my speed. Although, I am not cured of my other problems it has made me feel better. Thanks to the entire staff.”

— Yolanda B.

“My experience has been relieving my pain which has gone from severe to moderate to no pain at all. It has eased the difficulties of my daily routines.”

— Eddie M.

“All of the staff have been exceptionally friendly, helpful and caring in every step of my treatment as well as handling billing and Workers' Comp. I think that the welcome feeling in the office was overwhelming and therapeutic, as well as the excellent chiropractic care. I also enjoy the ease of scheduling appointments, I can almost always be seen the same day and I'm in and out quickly in the office.”

— Cinda B.

“The staff has truly been friendly and helpful, always polite and cheery, even when I'm canceling or rescheduling. They are so flexible and willing to work within your life, not rearranging your life to their schedules.”

— Katy W.

“From the very first day that I walked into the office I felt completely at ease and was sure that Dr. Hayde and his staff was going to be able to help my condition. Everyone was so friendly; they were positive, and very professional. I was able to continue working my regular hours because of the way they scheduled my appointments and the promptness of the appointments. I have never been to any other doctor's office that carried out their scheduling as well as this office. I am very impressed with the dedication.”

— Becky R.

“Traylor Chiropractic Clinic holds a high regard for professionalism. My first visit I was apprehensive not knowing what to expect. I was examined then every step and phase of the recovery process was explained to me in detail, this removed all apprehension.”

— Gordon M.