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Spending More and Getting Less

Recent reports indicate that we as Americans are spending more than ever to treat back and neck problems but we are not getting any better: in fact, we are worse. Studies show that treatment for back/neck pain has risen 65% more than medical care in general even though more people are reporting pain and disability from back and neck problems.

So why have costs skyrocketed for treating spinal complaints? Well, spinal surgeries are up 300%, pharmaceutical costs are up 177%, narcotic drugs are up a whopping 423% and CT/MRI tests have greatly increased as well during the study period. All this, plus the number of people complaining of back pain or disability has increased from 21% to over 25% of the population.

The American Pain Society and the American College of Surgeons have released new guidelines for treatment of back pain. These guidelines emphasize low tech and lower cost treatments that have proven effectiveness. The only two treatments that have been scientifically proven in these recommendations are non–narcotic medication (NSAIDS and muscle relaxers) and chiropractic treatment.

People who go to the chiropractor for their back/neck pain not only do better in their outcomes but save money as well. Chiropractors offer a lower cost per episode of back pain, fewer and shorter hospital stays, significantly less drug costs, fewer surgeries and fewer lost days at work.

So how do you know if you need to consult a chiropractor?

  • If you are taking over–the–counter pain pills even once or twice per month
  • If you are taking prescription medication for your back pain
  • If you have to miss work because of your back
  • If you hurt your back and it doesn't resolve in a couple of days even if you don't miss any work
  • If you have regular, migraine or sinus headache
  • If you've been told you have arthritis and have to live with the pain
  • If you are waiting for your knees to wear out so you can get knee replacement surgery
  • If you've been told you need surgery, or have had surgery and still have pain
  • If you've seen a performance drop in golf, basketball, tennis or jogging

The one thing that consistently has shown to increase the cost and length of treatment in chiropractic care is delaying the start of treatment. Many times people fear the cost and delay getting evaluated hoping the problem will simply go away. This can turn a simple problem that requires a simple and inexpensive solution into a complicated one requiring lots of treatment and rehabilitation. So don't put it off, a simple evaluation can tell if you would benefit from chiropractic care.

Dr. Wm. M. Traylor has practiced chiropractic medicine in eastern Arkansas for over thirty years with offices in West Memphis, Forrest City, and Helena. He sees patients in West Memphis at 500 Missouri, behind Super D. He is a certified health coach and is available to speak to your group on a variety of topics including injury prevention, the effects of auto accident injury, therapeutic lifestyle changes and others. His office can be reached at 870 732–6494.